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I was in the chapel yesterday afternoon, getting things set for worship, and ran into a guy who had attended Resurrection in the past and had just stopped by for a visit.  As we chatted he learned that Heather and I were expecting our first in November and he offered me his three best pieces of advice for being a dad.

  1. Never ask any questions
  2. Always Drive
  3. Make sure there is enough money in the checking account to cover all of the checks written, even the ones you didn’t know about.

I’m not quite sure where he was going with all of these, but he spoke with a great sense of conviction and it made me think, what other advice should I be hearing?  So, I’m asking for it – any parenting advice you want to throw my way, go ahead and hang it on this thread…



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5 responses to “Parenting Advice

  1. Still learning….but here are a couple.
    1.) Take the baby and let the wife sleep. Even when you don’t want to.
    2.) Take advice with a grain of salt unless you are out of your own ideas.
    3.) Don’t drop the baby. (i was out of my own advice)

  2. Diane

    Newborn advice:
    -a wet, soapy baby is very slippery
    -when people offer to help, let them
    -sleeping is more important than vacuuming and dusting
    -even though you’re so tired, emjoy those first few weeks and months; they pass so very quickly!

  3. Pat O'Brien

    The best advice I could give would be to use common sense and be yourself and do just fine at being a father.
    When you do have specific questions, ask a father whose children are great persons.

  4. Mark

    Enjoy the infant and baby stage…Toddlers are terrifying 🙂

    My serious advice:
    1. Love your wife. The best moms and dads are those that are great wives and husbands.

    2. Play, eat, and pray together every day.

    3. Read your child one story and sing one song to them every day (each parent).

    4. Tell them you love them every day.

    5. Keep a count of positive versus critical things that you say to your wife and children. The positives should outweigh the critical by 3 to 1.

  5. Kevin Campbell

    Well, Jeff, since you asked for advice, I’m going to go against my own advice and impart some of my thoughts on parenting.

    And before I do so, let me just say to all of the fine folks who have already left advice for Jeff – nice work! I agree with each of you.

    1. Enjoy every second of the pre-birth and birthing process that you can – it is an amazing, fascinating, and enlighting miracle. Never have I witnessed God’s presence more than during these times, and I will never forget it.

    2. This is an echo to Mark’s comment: your child will watch every move you make, so love your wife more than ever. Never forget the foundation of your family, which started with the love you and your wife have for each other. When that foundation starts to crack or crumble, there lies the potential for problems. (That sounded kind of Poison-ish, didn’t it? Cliches and all? Sorry.)

    3. SET BOUNDARIES, and stick to them! Your child will crave concrete boundaries, and needs them. Don’t be afraid to be a parent as opposed to a friend.

    4. Most importantly, enjoy parenthood for everything it is, because it’s the most rewarding, albeit challenging, blessing in the world!

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