Strange Fortunes

Taking a break from unpacking and settling in, Heather and I went out to grab some chinese buffet for dinner the other night.  After a mediocre meal we cracked into our fortune cookies to see what wisdom we could find.  Mine read:

You have much skill in expressing yourself to be effective

I am convinced that there are some translation issues here – is it possible that “You have much skill” and “to be effective” were both translated from the original phrase on the fortune?  Someone has hypothesized that it simply means I’m good at convincing others of my effectiveness, even if I’m not truly effective.  I guess that could be…

Heather’s cookie read:

The weather is wonderful

I’m not sure which one seemed like the stranger of the two messages.


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One response to “Strange Fortunes

  1. Diane

    Sounds like “mediocre” fortune cookie fortunes to go along with the mediocre meal,huh? Michelle gets upset if her fortune cookie doesn’t tell her what she wants to hear and has often traded hers with mine if she finds mine more to her liking. Glad to hear you’re getting out and exploring your new surroundings. Hope the boxes are slowly disappearing and home feels like “home.” Diane

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