Hospital Day

It is currently 5:50 on Friday morning and I’ve got a few extra minutes before I leave for KU Med to visit with a woman and her family prior to her surgery.  I’ll share a reading from scripture, we’ll pray together, and then I’ll head to meetings and about the rest of the business of my day as she undergoes surgery.

Resurrection‘s Congregational Care department has a pastor assigned to each day of the week (Monday – Friday) as their hospital day.  Friday is my day.  As I have shared time in the hospital with people these last few weeks I have been reminded of what a holy time it is to be with people as they prepare for surgery and face the anxiety and unknown that that time often brings.  It truly is a blessing to be with people in such times.

This morning as I’ve gotten cleaned up, while Heather and the dog have remained fast asleep, I’ve been reminded of a Story People print that hangs in my office.  It reads, “I’ve always liked the time before dawn because there’s no one around to remind me who I’m supposed to be, so it’s easier to remember who I am.”

I am grateful for this time this morning, to be an extension of God’s love and care as a part of the pastoral team at Resurrection and to have a few minutes to listen to the birds outside, singing songs of God’s grace.


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  1. Kevin Campbell

    Jeff – welcome back to the blogosphere! Love the new one, and have enjoyed catching up with all the latest. I’m glad your move was a successful one, and I wish you, Heather, and Baby Clinger all the luck in the world as you continue to transition into your new lives and surroundings. Incidentally, Mandi will be in Olathe on August 16th for an advanced doula training seminar. (Apparently, the Academy of Certified Birth Educators is located in Olathe – who knew??) I don’t know how much time she’ll have that day, but maybe there’s a chance she can look you up?

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