Price Chopper

As we’ve had to begin restocking our refridgerator and our pantry these last couple of weeks we’ve been scouting out the area grocery stores and trying to find our new food purchasing “home.”

Super Target was out quickly – not a great selection and over-priced.

HyVee at 119th and Ridgeview left us a little dissapointed as well.

Last night however, we went to the Price Chopper at 135th and Mur-Len and had a wonderful shopping experience.  Things we appreciate about the Price Chopper we’ll be returning to for future grocery needs:

  • They have a nice option for a low-carb bread (and it’s reasonably priced)
  • They stock a variety of NSA (No Sugar Added) ice cream and frozen treats
  • Heather saw several other pregnant women there and felt in good company
  • There was a nice selection of hispanic foods and religious candles (which reminded us of NW Indiana)
  • It is located very close to home
  • You get a 5 cent discount for every bag you bring in (I’m thinking about bringing a box of trash bags next time…)
  • The other shoppers, the clerk, and the baggers all were friendly (see Pace of Life).


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4 responses to “Price Chopper

  1. Mira

    Hey Jeff! The new blog looks great. I like the wordpress blogs I’ve seen and have considered switching over. Is it pretty user-friendly?
    Hope y’all are having a great day!

  2. You might also check out Great Harvest Bread Company for some excellent loaves –

  3. I would say that it offers a nice option for “lower” carb bread. The bread I used to get at Meijer in Indiana was lower than any of the options I found at Price Chopper. Not that that means its not still my favorite of the three store options, just an observation.

    And any store that has another pregnant woman shopping in it gets my vote these days. Not sure why, it just is that way.

  4. Mira, I do like using WordPress, it’s taking a little getting used to, but it’s good. I hope you and Eric are doing well in the west again.

    Andrews, thanks for the heads up – we are Great Harvest fans!

    HMC, good to have you commenting. 🙂

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