A Humbling Tribute – Thanks Bob!

Bob Birgel, a member of Ridge Church, writes a column in our local paper every couple of weeks. This morning’s was humbling to say the least and brought tears to me eyes.

You can read the whole thing or my favorite excerpt below:

Growing up, I always felt uncomfortable around clergy. They were holy, righteous and unapproachable, and I was small and a sinner. Over the next few years, I came to know Jeff as not only a pastor but as friend. He is wise, compassionate and caring beyond his years. He’s the first man of the cloth I’ve played golf with, drank a beer with and slipped and let a swear word out in front of without feeling I’d be damned for eternity.

Thanks Bob – for the kind words, for your partnership in ministry, and for always being such a supporter of Ridge Church. I look forward to the Birgel Family vacation to Kansas City in a few years!



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2 responses to “A Humbling Tribute – Thanks Bob!

  1. Anonymous

    Jeff, I also loved Bob’s column this morning! I certainly understand his feeling about clergy being distant in some denominations, especially in the past. Both you and Steve have taught me a great deal about what a man of God is and should be. Thanks!

  2. Anonymous

    Jeff,I think Bob’s column this morning hit the nail on the head and his thoughts can be echoed by a lot of Ridge’ cogregation. It’s just a little different story line for each of us.


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