Learning to Improvise

Steve preached a great sermon yesterday morning on the importance of being able to improvise and allowing the Holy Spirit to work for transformation in the midst of the interruptions of life.

He included a wonderful illustration about a cell phone ringing in the middle of a jazz trumpet solo. The trumpeter (Wynton Marsalis) played the ring tone back on his horn, improvised on it for a couple of minutes, and ended up right back where he had been interrupted.

Ridge UMC got hit by lighting (again) last week – it seems to happen every couple of years. Our network still isn’t up and working and so I find myself now unable to do many of the tasks I usually do on Mondays. As the day progresses I have no doubt that I will improvise; maybe I’ll start cleaning/packing the office, maybe I’ll go home and go for a run, or maybe I’ll begin to tackle some of the final details for middle school mission week. Whatever I end up doing, I hope to do it with grace and through the guidance of God, knowing that this is a relatively minor interruption in the grand scheme of things.


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