Ordination Reflection 1 of 7

Saturday, May 31st I was ordained an elder in full connection in the United Methodist Church. I am sharing my reflections on the experience in a series of posts. This is the first of the seven.

When I was ordained I received a certificate that was titled “Ordination Chain.” It shared the following information:

On September 2nd, 1784, John Wesley ordained Richard Whatcoat and Thomas Vasey elders and Thomas Coke superintendent.

On December 26, 1784, Thomas Coke ordained Francis Asbury as an elder.

Francis Asbury ordained Elijah Hedding.
Elijah Hedding ordained Randolph Sinks Foster.
Randolph Sinks Foster ordained Harry Lester Smith.
Harry Lester Smith ordained Ralph T. Alton.
Ralph T. Alton ordained Michael J. Coyner.
Michael J. Coyner ordained me.

Looking at the history laid out like that is humbling. It is special to be a part of the history of the church in such a way.


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One response to “Ordination Reflection 1 of 7

  1. thoughtsofresurrection

    Jeff – Thanks for sharing. I always think that those are neat documents and not sure if something similar is done in Kansas…

    Andrew Conard

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