Ordination Retreat Recap

For the last couple of days nine of us from the North Indiana Conference and six of us from the South Indiana Conference have been together with members of both conference’s Board of Ordained Ministry and Bishop Coyner. I have really enjoyed our time together and have several observations to share:

1.) Bishop Coyner really is an impressive pastor/leader/person/bishop. Though I am excited to be under the leadership of Bishop Jones in Kansas East, I know I’ll be missing great opportunities to grow under Bishop Coyner’s leadership.

2.) One of the women from the South Conference is as young as I am (28) having gone straight through college in four years, straight through seminary in three years, and straight through the candidacy process in three years. It was nice to meet someone else as crazy as I am.

3.) I really do think I do a good job with self care. Listening to members of the Board and other ordinands talk about their struggles for balance and self care I felt a sense of assurance that I am doing some things well. I am confident that these will continue to be a challange as I move into a new appointment and into fatherhood, but I feel like a healthy groundwork has been laid.


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