General Conference – The Sexuality Issue

Yesterday was a big day at General Conference as the petitions dealing with homosexuality came to the plenary floor. Mark does a great job of sumarizing the discussion and the votes here. This issue (and the deeper issues that it represents) continue to be very divisive in the United Methodist Church.

For the last week I’ve been reading blogs that speak of a different tone at this year’s General Conference, of a feeling that people on both sides of these divisive issues seem to earnestly want to be in dialogue with one another. I will admit I had found myself hoping that, at the very least, the “incompatible with Christian teaching” language would be removed from the Discipline.

Now I just pray that General Conference 2012 might provide an opportunity for greater steps to be taken toward unity.


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  1. John

    There is a fine line to walk between being inclusive and remaining true to the faith. I think there are very few (if any) churches that get this right.

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