General Conference Shenanigans

That’s right, I said shenanigans.

Apparently a coaliton of some interest groups within the United Methodist Church has given cell phones to more than 150 delegates from Africa to use while they’re in Dallas. It’s raising some real concerns and a lot of valid questions. When I was at General Conference in 2004 I felt as if there were some odd dynamics at play between these interest groups and a number of delegates from overseas. Hearing the news of this cell phone giveaway and having experienced General Conference 2004, I fear there are some shenanigans a happenin’.

The UMNS covered the controversy here.
Additionally there is a call by some delegates to form an ethics panel. UMNS covers it here.

If you can take a couple of minutes to read these articles, I’d love to hear your take on it, especially if you’re currenty at General Conference and experiencing it first hand.

Some interesting conversation has begun on Matt’s page.


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One response to “General Conference Shenanigans

  1. Matt Kelley

    Yep. Shennanigans it is. What if we all just dropped the pretenses, were honest about where we stood, and had a level playing field for dialogue instead of assuming that others are stupid and can’t see right through us.

    Thanks for the shout out, Jeff. I like your blog.


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