Wireless Service Feedback Request

The contract that Heather and I have with Verizon ends in less than a month and we think it might be time to switch plans (and maybe even providers). I’m looking for feedback as we think through this. We’ll be moving to Kansas City, KS (the Leawood area) in late June and are particularly interested in what we can learn about service in that area. I’m open to feedback from anyone though.

1) What wireless phone service do you use?
2) Are you happy with the reception you get?
3) Are you happy with the contract you have?
4) Are you happy with the customer service the company provides?
5) Have you used a different wireless service in the past couple of years?
6) If so, why did you switch?

Please take the time to comment and share your experience – it’ll be greatly appreciated!



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7 responses to “Wireless Service Feedback Request

  1. thoughtsofresurrection

    Jeff – Great questions. Here goes…
    1. Spring
    2. Yes
    3. Yes
    4. Generally
    5. Yes
    6. Moving from DC to Kansas, were going to change numbers and partially wanted to go with the home town company (Sprint is one of the largest employers in the KC metro area and headquarters is at 115th and Nall – not far from church)

    Our contract is up in December and I am thinking about switching to at&t primarily around being able to use an iPhone.

    I read an article several months ago written by someone that had moved from New York to Kansas City and the advantages that KC had. One of them was the fact that he used Sprint, not that he had better service, but so that he had the opportunity to shake his fist at their headquarters every time he drove past.

    Hope that this is somewhat helpful…

    Andrew Conard

  2. dave pullin

    Jeff –

    1- ATT
    2- yes, very much so. muy bueno!
    3- mucho gusto!
    4- satisfied. I’ve yet to encounter really good wireless customer service. But i’d say they are decent to work with.
    5- cingular (which is now att)

    Other comments:
    I warn you about using Sprint for 3 reasons:

    1- you cannot get any signal within a .5 mile radius of their world campus. what’s up with that?
    2- Their entire corporation seems to be hemmoraging (layoffs, failed products, CEO replacement, etc). Doesn’t seem to be a great place to be tied to for 2 years.
    3- Why oh why would you refuse an offer to exclusively carry the iPhone? I mean really. the executives at sprint had to be smoking crack to turn that deal down.

    btw – if you go att – go iPhone. I’ve had it for about 6 months and it has changed my life. works seamlessly with COR’s exchange server and i now refer to my major life’s moments as Bi & Ai (Before iPhone & After iPhone) of course, since some stores are not restocking…it sounds like a new version is coming out soon.

    hope that helps.

  3. Dan Entwistle

    Sprint, yes, yes, yes, no.

    I’m using Sprint’s mogul device, which is an amazing tool. It works great with the church’s exchange server and has download speeds of about 1400kbps versus about 135kbps for the iphone- more than 10 times faster.

    So, if you’re looking for entertainment, go with Dave’s pretty iphone. If you’re looking for a grown-up productivity tool, I’ll welcome you as a fellow mogul user.

    (As you can tell, I’m trying to conceal the fact that I’m more than a little jealous of Dave’s cool factor!)

  4. Dagney

    Obviously Dave and I use the same service, and for the most part I agree. Almost flawless reception across the entire metro and most of the state, good calling plans, and decent customer service.

    Of course, I’m still a little peeved (yes, a classic word from the 80’s) that they denied our mail-in rebate for my mother-in-law’s phone, though that’s now sitting at the bottom of an outhouse in New Mexico anyway.

    Ok, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. But yes, I would definitely recommend AT&T, even without the draw of an iPhone.

  5. Shelly

    We have a cell phone that we use mainly for emergency purposes and out of town trips. It has a limited amount of yearly minutes that we paid for upfront. It is through T-Mobile and we got a great deal and have had very good service for what we need it for. If and when we need to have a cell phone for more frequent use, we will probably look into AT&T. Our Youth Director has this service and iphone and just loves it.

  6. dave pullin

    Dan, sounds like you threw down the gauntlet between iPhone & your…what was it…Mogul?

    That’s a cell phone right? I must have been getting it confused with your modem you use for dial up.

  7. Jeff

    All, thanks for the comments and feedback.

    Dan and Dave, I’m hopeful that you can find a way to see “gray” on this issue. Is it possible that each of your phones bring gifts of their own merit?

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