Justice in the Burbs: New Sermon Series

This coming Sunday, Steve and I will be beginning a new Sermon Series @ Ridge. We’ll be using Will & Lisa Samson’s Justice in the Burbs as the basis. Over the four weeks we’ll talk about:

4/27 – Justice in the Burbs: What Do We Mean by Justice?
5/4 – Justice in the Burbs: Why Should I Care?
5/11 – Justice in the Burbs: Stop Making Excuses!
5/18 – Justice in the Burbs: Joining With Justice

I shared some of my reflections on the book when I first read it and am very excited to be sharing this with the congregation over the course of the next month. If you’re in Northwest Indiana, come out and join us for worship at 8:30, 9:45, or 11:00.



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2 responses to “Justice in the Burbs: New Sermon Series

  1. prayeramedic

    Can’t say I’ll be able to make it Sunday, I play the percussion at my church for worship. However, it does sound like an interesting series. Will your church be recording the series? It would be very easy to post the audio/mp3 files as a podcast via GCast (a FREE podcasting service I use, you can find it on the sidebar on my site), or you could even record videos and post them on YouTube. Just an idea… .

  2. Jeff

    Thanks for stopping by again. We don’t currently podcast, but are looking at how to get audio put together for sermons. Currently they’re put up in print form @ http://www.ridgeumc.org.

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