Stuff Christians Like

I am loving the Stuff Christians Like. It’s funny, thought provoking and just sarcastic enough to really brighten my day! Take a look when you’ve got a minute, I imagine you’ll be amused.



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3 responses to “Stuff Christians Like

  1. Anonymous

    It’s hysterical! I, also, love Veggie Tales! The skits are clever, have a great lesson, and point out that working together is the way to go. They should be required watching for adults, too.

  2. Stephanie

    JEFF!!! Congratulations on your going-to-be-a-dadness!
    Although, we’re going to have to discuss the name “Embryo Clinger.”

  3. Mira Conklin

    I also enjoy the blog, “Stuff White People Like”: Click on the tab at the top to see the “full list of stuff white people like.”
    Hope y’all are well!

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