Administrative Council

Ridge UMC is restructuring our Administrative Council this year with hopes of increasing attendance/participation. Our hope is to use the time to allow people a chance to hear about the ministries that are happening and to find ways to connect. We had our first such meeting last Wednesday and I felt like it went pretty well.

One big difference from how we’ve held these meetings in the past is that we met over a meal. We met, ate dinner, and then stayed around the tables as different leaders and teams within the church gave reports. I thought that the familial feel of the evening was quite refreshing. We’ll be having these meetings quarterly and I look forward to seeing how they go.

How do others of you structure/run your administrative councils (or similar teams)? I’m interested in hearing from United Methodists and non United Methodists alike.


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  1. Chris

    We just restructured our Ad Council meetings a bit too. It used to be a reporting session where each committee, group, ministry team, etc. would come and basically read their meeting minutes and tell us the things they were doing. Most often, each group’s activities would be disjointed with the others and they would all compete against each other for resources (money, people, building space, etc.).
    This year we have changed the format and now each person who reports to the council answers two questions instead of reading their minutes. The questions are: what is your group/committee/team doing to help the church accomplish its mission and what is your group/committee/team doing to help strengthen the church in one or more of the Five Practices (this refers to our Bishop’s book, Five Practice’s of Fruitful Congregations)?
    Thus far those reporting have had to stretch to answer those questions, but I think it is going to get their respective groups to think in terms of those two areas. I like the idea of meeting over a meal, and I reall like the idea of meeting quarterly (we currently meet monthly).


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