More From "Everything Must Change"

I’ve already blogged about it once (see here), but wanted to lift up another tidbit from McLaren’s “Everything Must Change.” I used this yesterday morning in my sermon as we investigated Jesus’ healing of the blind man in John 9 and asked the question, Why did Jesus Heal the Blind Man?

Socially, in this economy we consume time and produce fatigue, consume art and talent and produce entertainment and amusement, consume work and leisure and produce paychecks and heart attacks. And ultimately we consume communities and produce extended families, consume extended families and produce nuclear families, consume nuclear families and produce individuals, consume individuals and produce consumers, and finally consume consumers themselves and produce disembodied fragments called “wants” and “needs” and “markets” and “segments” and “anxieties” and “drives” that the economy consumes and excretes and reconsumes in a kind of cannibalistic ferment or rot. In the process, we commonly produce successful megaconsumers of unimaginable wealth who are more or less bankrupt in compassion for their poor neighbors. And in a stroke of suicidal genius we simultaneously produce poor people whose greatest dream is to be like those megaconsumers who don’t care at all about them.

Powerful words for a Monday morning, I know. What are your reactions? How do you respond to Mclaren’s portrayal of this “suicide machine” in which we live?


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