Staging the House

I haven’t blogged much this week as I have spent most of my free time working on getting the house ready to sell. We have packed up an incredible amount of stuff, rearranged furniture, met with the realtor, and coordinated our plans for our selves and our friends this weekend. We will be having a painting/cleaning party on Friday/Saturday. By bedtime Saturday I hope that it’s all ready for viewings so that it’s next owner(s) will be able to come and fall in love with it. It will officially be “on the market” on Saturday afternoon.

It continues to be an adventure that is simultaneously scary and exciting. I’m sure I’ll continue to update as the process unfolds. In the meantime, prayers for my patience are greatly appreciated.


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  1. Kevin

    Jeff – I am with you, brother. Mandi and I are in the throws of trying to sell our abode and find another. We will be spending a few days in the near future “staging the house,” as you have so eloquently stated. I’m looking forward to the hunt for a different house, but am hoping the entire process moves quickly.

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