30 Hour Famine

This weekend the Ridge Youth are holding our annual 30 Hour Famine Lock-in. We don’t eat for 30 hours as a way to raise money for hunger around the world as well as awareness of hunger in our communities. Many of my youth would tell you that I torture them.

We began the fast at 1:00 yesterday afternoon and gathered at the church at 4:30. We spent our first several hours together helping with the Fish Fry, we served food, cut desserts, and helped clean up afterward. This morning we got up, had “breakfast” (we drink juice throughout the weekend) and then headed off to the Food Bank of Northwest Indiana to work there. We packed up meals for Saturdays and Sundays that will go home with kids in their backpacks.

We’re back at the church relaxing and having “lunch” now and in a couple of hours we’ll head off to see a movie (with no popcorn or snacks of course). Tonight at 6:30 we’ll have a brief worship service that concludes with communion to break the fast. And then we’ll eat dinner.

We’re approximately 23 hours into the fast now and everyone seems to be doing pretty well. Your prayers will be appreciated as we finish up our time together and as I finish my preparations to preach at all three services tomorrow (this should be interesting…).


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  1. Dustin

    Wow – fasting and serving food at the same time.

    I hope it was a meaningful time for everybody. I’ll admit, fasting is something I’ve never done – yet.

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