Heading Home

I’ve delayed this post for a couple of days as I have wanted people at Ridge to have a chance to hear the news through the appropriate channels before reading about it here. After much prayer and wrestling, Heather and I have decided that it is time for us to return to KS to be closer to our families. I have requested a transfer to the Kansas East Conference and at the end of June we will be heading back there so I can begin serving an unknown church.

10 years ago this summer Heather and I left our homes in Kansas to go to college; I at Nebraska Wesleyan and she at the University of Indianapolis. We were not dating at the time, we were simply friends from the same youth group. We both intended to go away to college and ultimately to return to Kansas to live. So many wonderful and exciting things have happened in our lives since that summer of 1998 and we have been blessed richly and deeply by the time that we have spent in Indiana, specifically by our time at Ridge these last years.

We are excited to be moving closer to family, sad to be leaving the community of faith and people that we love so much, and anxious about how all of the transition will unfold for us and for Ridge. I have found myself over and over again in these last weeks being hopeful and optimistic about all of the possibilities that exist for us all in this time of change and I am thankful for the love of God that carries us through times such as these.



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4 responses to “Heading Home

  1. Anonymous

    I am sad that you and Heather are leaving, but I am also very happy for you at the same time. I guess I can’t be that upset considering I’m graduating this year anyway and leaving for college soon after, but I’m worried about what will happen with the youth group. Well, luckly you’ll still be here for another four months. When that time is up, good luck and best wishes to you both(and Kayla).
    P.S. Happy Birthday!:)

  2. Anonymous


    I’m certain that Ridge will be missing out on your wisdom and knowledge as well as having a great person around. Selfishly though, this makes those of us that are closer to KS than IN, very happy.

    Looking forward to your return to the great plains…brock

  3. Kevin

    God-speed, dear friends! The Ridge community is blessed to have had your wisdom and influence, and I know this decision was not an easy one. Like Brock, I am selfishly thankful you are headed back this way, and am looking forward to a chance to catch up sometime. Good luck with all the activity which is now in the near future, and our thoughts/prayers are with you!

  4. Jeff

    Thanks for the comments all! We continue to be going through this roller coaster of emotions – excited, scared, nervous, sad, anxious, and on and on. It’s good to know that we’re surrounded by a God and friends who care in the midst of it all!

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