Britney Spears Updates

I’ve posted several times about Britney Spears in the last several months. I’m not necessarily proud of it, but I have.

It started with some reflections about Britney and her sister when her sister’s pregnancy was announced.

I then posted a letter I wrote to Britney.

Then, most recently, I shared my plans to be praying for Britney and her family.

In response to one of those posts I was asked a great question by a parent of someone in the youth group, do we really want Britney serving as a role model? The easy out is to say no, we don’t. Unfortunately, whether we want her to or not, she is. The Britney economy as it was recently coined is alive and well. This mornings local paper even contains an article on Britney. Check out some of these staggering facts…

– Putting Britney on the cover of a tabloid increases sales by 33 percent.
– Between January of ’06 and July of ’07 (78 weeks) she was featured on tabloid covers 175 times.
– Britney has topped the annual list of Yahoo search rankings six of the last seven years.
– One agency, Portfolio, estimates that Britney accounts for 30 percent of paparazzi business.

I still haven’t heard back from the letter I wrote and don’t anticipate that I really ever will. However, I still wonder, what it would look like for Britney to straighten out her life, use her influence for good, and begin to deflect some of the attention aimed at her toward causes much more worthy of our time and energy as a culture. I am hopeful that in these next fourteen days Britney will get some of the help that she needs and that maybe she’ll emerge a changed person. And if that doesn’t happen, I’ll continue to pray for her and her family as well as for all of the young people who look to Britney and others like her.


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