It’s not Curiosity Killing the Church

Take five minutes to watch this video from Nic Askew and Seth Godin.

I love the juxtoposition of fundamentalism and curiosity. So much of this spoke to me about the church and about getting people to engage in and own their faith in the 21st century.

Are you curious? Have you found that curiosity to be encouraged or stifled by the church? Are you active in a faith community? I’m guessing that your answers to those three questions will be closely related.


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One response to “It’s not Curiosity Killing the Church

  1. Mark

    Overall, I TOTALLY agree about curiousity…especially how we’re taught not to be through societal and educational pressures.

    But, I’d have to toss a big, fat [explicative] at the Fundamentalist comments.

    I’m not a “fundamentalist”, but the ones I’ve met ARE curious. They do explore new and different things. Often they know “liberal” views better than “liberals” do. They just reject them because they don’t believe them…just as “liberals” don’t believe “fundamentalist” ideas.

    The real issue is that in general, fundy or liberal or moderate or whatever, many Americans are apathetic to learning and thinking and discovery.

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