Investing in Hope

Our friend Michael did something very cool for Heather and I for Christmas. Thanks to Kiva he gave us some money to invest in an entrepeuner seeking to begin or build up a business somewhere around the world. In a couple of simple steps we created an account, logged in, and chose to give our loan to Ysabel Guevara. When our loan is repaid, we can reinvest the money in the work of someone else. Heather and I have already given Kiva loans as gifts and hope the recipients are as excited as we are about investing in the good work of others.

This spring we’re going to be offering members and friends of Ridge UMC an opportunity to invest in the good works of our youth. We will be selling stock in our summer youth mission opportunities for $10 a share. From March 2nd – 16th we will have stock certificates available for purchase on Sunday mornings and in the church office. In August, after we finish up Middle School Mission Week and return from our Senior High Mission Trip, we will hold a stockholders dinner so we can report back to and thank all of those persons who invested in our projects.

Whether it is through an organization like Kiva, through Ridge Church, or through another charitable cause, please find someway to invest in projects that bring hope and that make a difference in the world.


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