Speedlinking – January 20, 2008

I’ve been thinking for a while about beginning to speedlink – It’s an idea stolen from Andrew at Thoughts of Resurrection. He explains it here. I’ll periodically share a cluster of posts that I’ve recently found interesting or inspirational

– I greatly appreciated Dave Pullin’s post on Consumption.
– The Do Better Blog has some great green numbers to start 2008.
– I took a quiz at It’s My News to tell me which presidential candidate’s positions most closely match mine.
– Today I enjoyed reading the weather/church updates (1)(2)(3) from Mike at You Can Know God.


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One response to “Speedlinking – January 20, 2008

  1. Andrew Conard

    Jeff – Thanks for the link and for the links 🙂 Speedlinking has been interesting for me as I wonder who clicks through, but I do think that it helps spread good ideas or writing through the blogosphere and gives the readers a little more insight into your personality. Okay, it also helps expose people to other good blogs. In any case – cool!

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