Seeing Gray Responses – 5

As I’ve already mentioned, Adam Hamilton is preaching a sermon series at COR next month called Seeing Gray. He has started a YouTube Channel and is asking for feedback. Andrew Conard, a colleague of mine and an Associate Pastor at COR asked me to consider posting responses to Adam’s questions – so I am. I think it sounds like I have a lisp and my forehead looks huge, but otherwise I think the videos turned out ok. I will be posting both Adam’s question and my response in a series of blogs. This is the last of five in the series.

Adam’s Question



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2 responses to “Seeing Gray Responses – 5

  1. Andrew Conard

    Jeff – Bold vision, and a great addition to assert that Jesus vision may be more similar for different cultures across countries.

  2. Mark

    The lisp is normal isn’t it?

    Just kidding!

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