Change is Inevitable

While out doing some shopping last night Heather and I saw a car with a great bumper sticker that really struck me. It read, “Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional.” Part of why I think it struck me so much was related to the shopping that we were doing.

After more than six months of being intentional about diet, exercise, and lifestyle habits in general, Heather and I have both seen our bodies shrink and change and we were out shopping for some new clothes. Both of us bought shirts, and shorts, and pants in sizes that we haven’t worn since our early high school years. It was pretty surreal and exceptionally exciting.

Life changes. As we get older our schedules get busier and busier and our level of responsibility continues to increase. As life speeds up we can get caught up and wrapped up in it and let the changes happening around us control us. This is the trap that I fell into for several years – the trap in which I think many of us live.

As life changes we have the responsibility to change and to adapt with it if we hope to continue growing. Specifically I’ve learned that I don’t need to consume as much food as I did when I was a growing adolescent football player, I’ve learned that it is important to exercise regularly to keep my body feeling like it should, I’ve learned that time away from the office to do things I enjoy recreationally is a hugely important part of connecting to God and being a whole person.

Change is Inevitable, Growth is Optional. I am so thankful for the opportunities I have seized to grow in these last six months and look forward to continuing to grow into the future.


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