M&M – Day Five

We have just returned from collecting food bags in our neighborhood and are having a little break before our closing worship service. I thought this would be a great time to write since I know I won’t want to once I go home this evening. Heather and I have a 5th anniversary to celebrate tonight!

We were all pleased with our collection of food through the neighborhood. On Monday we distributed 200 bags in the community asking them to fill them with groceries for this afternoon. This afternoon we picked up 66 bags of food which I know will go a long way to helping Greater Hammond Community Service’s Food Pantry.

This morning we prepared a delicious baked pasta meal for the State Street Center and took it down to serve at noon time. I could tell that the clients at State Street were really appreciative and could tell that the youth were proud of their work and of the opportunity to serve people face to face.

All in all it has been a wonderful week. I am deeply indebted to all of the adults of Ridge Church who stepped up to make this week work as well as it did. Marie Cost, Marcia McCarty, Clare Bogs, Diana Rogers, Mary Doolittle, Robin Kijurna, Pat O’Brien, Cheri O’Brien, and Larry Temple all dedicated their time and energy to be a part of our time together this week. I am also grateful to Diane Comandella for providing snacks each day and for helping orchestrate our plan B for Wednesday, to Heather Clinger for joining us this afternoon to help with worship, and to Dave Miller for helping us pick up food with his truck. It truly is a blessing to be in ministry with such great people. Middle School Mission Week could not have happened without the help of these 12 wonderful people.

Thanks also to Morgan Midkiff for helping lead devotions and to Michael Brandner for helping out and for preaching during our closing worship service. I am blessed to have older youth serving in great mentoring roles.

And of course, thanks to everyone who participated. For it being the first time we have done anything like this at Ridge I would say it was a huge success! I am already getting excited for M&M ’08.



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4 responses to “M&M – Day Five

  1. Anonymous

    Next year, ALL the ridge youth should be welcome to participate in M&M-not just the middle schoolers.

  2. Jeff

    anon, thanks for your input. Just as the Senior High youth have their mission trip in the summer as something special to do, M&M is a special opportunity for Middle Schoolers.

  3. Anonymous

    Jeff, you’re letting middle schoolers go on the high school mission trip. Why can’t high schoolers do the middle school mission week?

  4. Jeff

    Anon, would love to chat with you in person about this. Feel free to give me a call.

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