Strength in Community

Tim is a member of Ridge UMC and an upstanding young man. He just finished his freshman year at Purdue and is back in Munster for the summer. This is, no doubt, going to be a tougher summer for him than any college sophomore should have to face.

Last Wednesday Tim had a growth removed from his knee and it was sent for a biopsy. By Friday the results had come back, the growth was cancerous. On Monday Tim and his parents left for The Mayo Clinic to see what the best treatment options would be. They intended to be back by this weekend, but it turns out that Tim is going to stay at Mayo through the summer for radiation, chemo, and further surgery.

While we are all worried about Tim and his family the prognosis looks good. Mayo has treated these soft cell sarcoma’s before and there is a 70% survival rate. The Doctors think that Tim will be back to playing sports when all of this is said and done.

In the meantime, it has been inspiring and uplifting to see our church family rally in these last few days. Care packages are being organized to be sent on a regular basis. Fundraisers are being planned to help with the cost of medical bills. People are doing all they can to reach out to Tim and his family.

In the midst of tragedy the people of God rally. It is a beautiful thing.

If you’re on Facebook you can join Prayers for Timmy. If you’re not on Facebook, you can say prayers for him and his family all the same.

May we pray that God’s love will be known and experienced by Tim and his family in deep and profound ways in the midst of their fear and anxiety. May we pray that the Doctors and Nurses will be guided and inspired by the presence of God. May we pray that the power and strength of community can make a difference for Tim and for his family as well as for people everwhere who hurt.


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