Sports Fan Theologian

Catching up on email I just uncovered an article my dad forwarded me from last Wednesday’s Lawrence Paper. The Rev. Barb Clinger, my momma, was quoted…

Barb Clinger, associate pastor at Lawrence’s First United Methodist Church, said church leaders are so confident KU will win tonight that they rescheduled meetings on Sunday in anticipation of a second-round game.

She said she doesn’t hear about churchgoers praying for a KU victory, and she’s not sure it would do much good.

“God,” she said, “doesn’t respond to those kinds of prayers.”

You gotta love it! I have a meeting tomorrow night at seven so I’ve got the game set to record at home. Looking forward to another Jayhawk Victory!


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  1. Andy Woolard

    I saw that the other day and laughed out loud. Gotta love Barb.

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