Celebrating Life

On 2/3 Heather turned 27. On 2/14 I do too. Last night we had friends over to celebrate and it was a wonderful evening! People brought some gifts; games to play, foods to eat and drinks to drink. The greatest gift though was their presence and the laughter. We had a great time!

This is a picture of our friend Janneal taking Sheri and John on the tour of our place. For some reason Janneal receives great joy in leading tours through our house. I take great joy in watching her do it with such joy. If she gets a few of her facts down more consistently we’re going to have to get her a blazer and a lanyard!

We had a great evening hanging out, sharing food and drink, playing games, and laughing until it hurt. After John won Apple to Apples we took a little break for some cake.

It was a great night – just a really special opportunity to relax and hang out with friends. Thanks everyone for coming! If you weren’t able to make it, you were missed! To our friends and family who don’t live in Chicago-land, we missed you too, but look forward to celebrating life with you soon!


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  1. Janneal

    I love parties at the Clinger home!

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