Track Two – Complete!

This afternoon I placed approximately 350 pages of writing and evaluation in a three ring binder and shipped it off to Dunkirk, Indiana. These pages contained evaluations of myself from me, my senior pastor, and a committee at the church. The writing was my response to a bunch of theological questions, the umpteenth revision of my “Spiritual Autobiograpy,” and a Bible study I composed.

The Conference Registrar has it all in his hands now and I trust he’ll do what needs to be done so that the Board of Ordained Ministry is well armed when they interregate (um, I mean interview) me on April 18th. If all goes well on that fateful Wednesday, I’ll be passed to the last stage of the Ordination process.

Starting in the fall of 2007 I will then have to….

write another “Spiritual Autobiography”
answer more questions
do physical testing
do psychological testing
be evaluated financially
solicit evaluations from the same folks who have evaluated me for the last several years
be interviewed one more time

If all of that goes well, in June of 2008 I can be ordained.

I will be 28 years old finally acheiving a goal I set for myself some 12 years before.

It felt really good to mail that stuff off today! It will feel really good to complete this process!


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