Da’ Bears (Da’ Bandwagon)

Yesterday afternoon as Heather and I sat on the couch watching the Bears win their way into Super Bowl XLI I was reminded of a great blog Joel Mathis wrote last month. When I first read Joel’s defense of bandwagon jumping I was amused and found myself nodding my head with agreement. Yesterday, as my mind flashed back to his blog, it hit me that I was a bona fide jumper of bandwagons.

When moving to Chicagoland in 2002 I began rooting for the Cubs. Heather and I were going to school on the northside, we took trips with friends to Wrigley, and we had great hopes of a World Series appearance until Steve Bartman messed that all up.

After moving more permanently to Northwest Indiana we watched the White Sox win the 2005 World Series with great enthusiasm. It was exciting to be around that kind of energy and excitement.

And this year I’ve jumped on the Bear’s Bandwagon. I’m sure there are diehard Bears fans who have been with the team every painful step of the way since 1985 who would scoff at me and even be upset by my pledged allegiance to Da‘ Bears. To be honest, I don’t really care. Come Super Bowl Sunday I’ll be rooting for Da‘ Bears like most of the rest of the good folks in Da‘ Region.


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  1. Amber

    We are excited for the Bears too! Mike is an actual fan, but I probably meet the definition of a bandwagoner. Mike and I will be in Chicago during the Super Bowl. We head out this weekend.

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