Home Again (For the First Time)

Heather and I went home to see our families this last week – it was a great trip. We drove back to Kansas on Christmas day and spent several days with her mom and step-dad in Rossville. Then we spent several days with my parents in their new home in Lawrence. Heather’s mom is in her second house since leaving the one in which Heather grew up. My parents just moved into their second home since leaving my childhood home. There was no doubt about it though – it was a great trip home.

Which got me to thinking about home – the cliches’ tell us that “Home is where the Heart is” and yeah, there’s wisdom in that. For me it’s more than just that though. Home is where my dad wears his goofy hats, where he falls asleep in his recliner and snores but can still be a part of the conversation. It is where my mom frets about making sure that everyone always has enough to eat and drink, where she and I can sit up late talking about life. It is where my parent’s old dog smiles at you and drools on you at the same time. It is where the fire is burning warmly and there is always a safe and warm place to be.

It was great to go home last week – and it was great to get home (to Indiana) last night. I hope that everyone had great times at home over the holiday and that 2007 brings you many warm memories of home.


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