Christmas Resolutions

Since last writing I have been a part of six worship services on the 24th, driven nearly 600 miles on the 25th, and done Christmas celebrating with Heather’s mom and close family as well as with Heather’s dad – it’s been a great couple of days!

I wanted to take a minute to reflect on Christmas and the gift that Christ is. Most of this comes from, or was at least inspired by my sermon for the three morning services on the 24th – Living Wonderfully.

The gift of Christ is, for me anyway, best summed up in the words of John 10:1-10 where Jesus states that while so many others have come to kill and destroy he comes to give life abundantly. Please understand that I appreciate this text, as I do much of scripture, on a rich metaphorical level. And as I reflect on my life I realize that there are many thieves – entertainment/amusement, consumption/overeating, and work-a-holism that distract me and draw me away from the promised pasture of our good shepherd.

So this year I’ve made some Christmas Resolutions. In years past I have made New Year’s resolutions that have created little long-term change for me – it is my hope that Christmas Resolutions will have more sticking power and I figure, what better reason to resolve to do something than in response to a gift from God. At their core most of my resolutions – to be more connected to and concerned about the needs of my community, to eat more healthfully and to exercise regularly, and not to put in too many hours at work – all come down to one thing…

I resolve to live a more balanced and healthy life in response to the gift of Christ who comes so that we might all have life and have it abundantly.

Wish me luck with this and Merry Christmas!


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  1. David

    Welcome back to the blogging world. Now, if we could only welcome you back to the “world where guys aren’t allowed to wear swimtrunks and white dress shirts.” Miss ya buddy! -Dave

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